Posted on April 19, 2017


Just 50 pledges. That's it. 

We are trusting the Lord to lay it upon 50 people's heart to join with us in funding a land purchase for the home of Elyon Outreach Ministries. Whenever you put the funds on paper, they immediately seem overwhelming and accomplishable at the same time. The big number of $300,000 verses the Most High God of unlimited resources. 

Most of you have probably heard about how to eat an elephant: "One bite at a time." So we are trusting the Lord for those that can help us take a bite and do what they can. 20 people at $20/month (only $240 for the year); 20 people at $50/month (a commitment of $600 in a year); and 10 people at $100/month ($1200 for the year). This amount of money annually will allow us to purchase the land over a short term loan. We know that we will have more expenses upon purchasing the property such as equipment and facilities, but we're taking it one step (bite) at a time. 

Would you consider making a commitment this year to be involved with making this vision a reality? Will you be a part of the first group to invest in the spiritual lives of those who will be impacted on this campus for years to come? Will you be a seed-planter and invest in not the physical land, but the spiritual kingdom that we hope will be instigated on this acreage? Please pray and consider making an investment in a place that will host children's events, youth retreats, church fellowships, deacon retreats, ladies' and mens' retreats, camps, mission conferences, pastor renewal, marriage retreats and so much more. 

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